Brian Doyle- Chief Firearms Instructor
NRA Certified Instructor 

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Method of payment

Cash: $65

Credit $67

Course Completion

You will learn how to draw your firearm from where you are carrying. Proper techniques of where your hand/hands should be when drawing your firearm.

Max amount of students is 3 per class

Things you will need for the class

  1. Firearm that you will be carrying
  2. Holster that you will be using
  3. Garment that you will be using to conceal your firearm​​​
  • ​T-shirt
  • jacket
  • sweater
  • purse- if you are going to carry off body
  • ​snap caps (dummy ammo) for your caliber. no more than 6 is needed

    Make sure you are dress comfortable. If you are carrying outside the pants, bring a larger shirt then you normally would wear or another garment that will conceal your firearm.  There is a place to change if you need to.


You must be able to show you have firearms training. Concealed weapons permit, basic pistol class, hunter safety course. This class is not for beginners

In Florida we have over 2 million people who carry concealed. 75% do not know how to carry or how to get to their firearm if they need to defend themselves.

In this class you will learn specific ways to carry and how to get to your firearm.

This a non shooting class. You will learn how to draw your firearm from the position you are carrying, in a classroom setting.

This is a HANDS ON class.   Class time: 2 hrs